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Americas Frontline Doctors

America's Frontline Doctors

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Increasingly media, special interests, and politics are preventing doctors from helping patients. During the Covid-19 pandemic, through legal threats, public ridicule, and internet suppression, doctors have been prevented from using and publicizing various treatments.

In China, the doctors that first sounded the alarm on Coronavirus were “disappeared” - physically.

In America, the doctors that make unbiased observations are being “disappeared” - virtually. Their medical observations, knowledge and opinions simply erased from the internet.

Even previously respected medical publications have disseminated false studies.

Doctors who study for years, with decades of experience making highly informed judgment calls, have had their professional experience suddenly usurped by state government officials and media hacks. Tech giants have shut down the rational observations of doctors working on the frontlines who have saved their patients’ lives time and again. Why?

Powerful special interests are now preventing the effective practice of medicine that saves lives at a time when we need this unbiased, evidence-based information more than ever.

To fight this destruction of doctor-led practical medicine, America’s Frontline Doctors empowers the voices of individual doctors on the frontline. We provide a forum to combat the large and powerful special interests that would seek to push financial and political agendas above patient interests.

We believe that the American people have the right to be informed through the release of frontline practical knowledge, not carefully corporate-curated data that is beholden to special interest censorship.

We fight for Americans right to use accurate information to make decisions about their own care, to fight this disease…and to live.

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