Trusted Authorities and Credentialed Professionals

It is human nature to Trust Authorities and Credentialed Professionals.  They are like the "parents" of a society.

Trusted Authorities

Trusted authorities can be individuals or organizations, but are most often individuals that represent some "official" organization.

Credentialed Professionals

There are also individuals that are not an integral part of an "official" organization.  They may in fact be more "qualified" due to their education, independent study and research than the "official" organizations themselves.

Oftentimes, they were a part of "official" organizations, but have either quit or been outed because they differ from the accepted narrative.

Credentials professionals compared to trusted authorities are:

  • Often more highly and formally educated
  • Often far more experienced
  • Often NOT connected to government (this is huge)

Discerning Citizens

Then, there is US.

The "US" are those that some refer to as "sheep" because we overwhelmingly, normally TRUST what the TRUSTED AUTHORITIES tell us.


There is no way around it.  The TRUSTED AUTHORITIES are almost completely in lock-step now, like programmed androids repeating often the exact same things.

Then, there are those VOICES that are Credentials Professionals that should be heard.  They have a different "take" on things, sometimes minor, but often major.

He that answers a matter before he hears it, it is folly and shame unto him.
Proverbs 18:13

Regardless of the "side" you find yourself on, you NEED to hear the other side.


Big News Outlets

If you trust the big news outlets, they are easy to find.

The big news outlets are ALL left-leaning.

Social Media Giants

If you trust the social media giants (Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube), they are easy to find as well.  There is a troubling, growing problem in that they all now curate what they decide should be true and/or relevant.

They all now censor and remove voices that oppose the narrative that they push.  This is not a matter of opinion, it is a blatant fact that they all admit to.

The social media giants are ALL left-leaning.

Independent News Organizations

There are some.  However, they are not independent if they are owned by one of the six major media conglomerates.

You can get a "right leaning" perspective from these below.

Here are a couple:

Here are a couple of anti-big government resources.  Don't know if they lean left or right, but they are definitely opposed to big government, which I suppose makes them tilt right at least a little.  Philosophically, it appears that they may be anarchists - don't believe there should be any governmental controls over people. (I admit that I do not understand how this could possibly work ...)

Primary Sources

Primary sources for information are my personal favorite.  I want to hear their own ideas instead of someone telling me what their ideas are ... 

  • I want to hear what they say themselves ...
  • I don't what to hear what someone says they said ... 

You'll need to find direct interviews in order to hear "the other side" of the stories now, because the media is 100% lock-step (including Fox, which is owned by Disney).  Fox is simply controlled opposition.  If you want a true, "second opinion", you need to go elsewhere.

Social Media is Banning, Deleting and Hiding Opposing Voices

If you want to hear those opposing voices - from CREDENTIALED, EDUCATED EXPERTS, you had better start archiving their own websites.

Searching for those interviews on YouTube, for example is harder and harder to find.

New Primary News Source

I am launching a new service here soon: 

Get in touch with me if you are interested in being involved.

Trusted Authorities and Credentialed Professionals

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