You need to do your own research.

Take responsibility to seek and read and listen and decide what you believe yourself.

You're better off trusting your own senses than believing the media talking heads.  

Get the other side of the story.  Listen to those that disagree.  Use some discernment.


The internet is being SCRUBBED of information that conflicts with the current narrative.  Almost ALL of the contradictory information that used to be discoverable on the major internet outlets is now gone:

  • Videos Deleted (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Posts Deleted (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Articles Deleted  (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) - and major internet publications

Find Direct Sources

Now, even some of their websites are being deleted by deep-state controlled outlets.  Whatever you can find, if you want it to be preserved, you need to save it on your local computer.  Don't count on it staying available on the platform on which you discovered it.

Independent News Organizations

There are some.  However, they are not independent if they are owned by one of the six major media conglomerates.

You can get a "right leaning" perspective from these below.

Here are a couple:

Here are a couple of anti-big government resources.  Don't know if they lean left or right, but they are definitely opposed to big government, which I suppose makes them tilt right at least a little.  Philosophically, it appears that they may be anarchists - don't believe there should be any governmental controls over people. (I admit that I do not understand how this could possibly work ...)

Resources for Patriots

I have published a website and have archived some things there.  I do not yet have all of the resources I have collected uploaded, however.

If you would like to submit a resource to archive and make available for others to use for research, you may contact me via the Resources for Patriots website.



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